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Behind the Athlete

Passion | Persistence | Perseverance.

At 20 years of age, Jack Crome has already made a significant impact as an Australian triathlete, garnering attention on both national and international stages. As a junior professional athlete, guided by esteemed coach Warwick Dalziel, Jack's numerous state and national titles are a testament to his dedication and prowess in the sport. His eyes are firmly set on competing in

Los Angeles 2028 as well as achieving Olympic gold at the Brisbane 2032 Games.

Embarking on a career in professional sports demands unwavering commitment, personal sacrifice, and relentless dedication to preparation. Jack has demonstrated these qualities since his youth, investing countless hours in training and practice outside of school and during weekends to hone his skills and pursue his dream of competing as a top-level professional triathlete.

In the short term, Jack aims to solidify his presence at the regional Continental Cup and World Cup levels within the next 5-10 years, with aspirations to excel in the WT Championship Series or the thrilling new PTO series.

Triathlon Australia and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) have recognised Jack's exceptional performances and future potential by selecting him as a Categorised Athlete for the Olympic pathway program.

Beyond his full-time triathlete training and part-time jobs to support his athletic endeavors, Jack is also a part-time student at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). He is pursuing a double degree in Data Science and Business Marketing, reflecting his commitment to a well-rounded personal and professional development.

Born in 2004 and raised in Brisbane, Australia, Jack's love for sports, particularly cross country, track running, and football, ignited his competitive spirit and passion for racing. Throughout his school years, he took on various leadership roles, shaping him into a well-rounded individual. When triathlon entered his life in 2014, it quickly became his favourite athletic pursuit.

By 2022, Jack had already claimed multiple National Junior triathlon titles as well as representing his country on the world stage. Now, he eagerly looks forward to transitioning his success onto the world stage, where he will undoubtedly compete against the best of the best, fueled by his unyielding passion and determination.

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Career Highlights

International Level 

1st European Junior Conti Cup Holten 2023

5th European Junior Conti Cup  Ireland 2023

28th World Junior Triathlon Sprint & Relay Championships Hamburg 2023

National Level

5th U23 Oceania Sprint Championship 2024

2nd Australian Junior sprint triathlon Championships 2023

3rd Oceania Triathlon Junior Championships Taupo 2023

1st Australian Junior (U19) Sprint Triathlon 2021

Australian Junior Mixed Relay Championships x 2

2019 Australian Super Sprint Triathlon Junior B (U18) Champion and 6th Junior (U20)

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