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Kickstarting the Season: A Week in Tasmania with BREWYD

Updated: Mar 30


It's been a minute since I last checked in, but I'm back with some exciting updates from my recent adventures down in Tasmania. After a challenging 2023 season, I've been diligently building towards the 2024 season with coach Warwick Dalziel and the "Waz Squad". Before I dive into the details, let me introduce you to the newest addition to my team:

FORM, The next generation of swimming goggles, an exhilarating sponsor that I can't wait to tell you more about shortly.

Kicking Off the Season in Tassie:

The season opener took me down to Tasmania for the Devonport Triathlon at the Oceania Sprint Champs. Tasmania isn't new territory for me—I've raced there a few times before—but this time felt different. It marked my fourth time on the start line, and this time around, the trip was made possible by the incredible support from BREWYD, who had organised a pre-season camp leading into the race.

BREWYD: Unleashing High Performance:

Who or what is BREWYD I hear you ask? Picture this: you're on the cusp of greatness, but something's holding you back—a barrier you can't quite break through. That's where BREWYD comes in. They're not just your average performance coaches; they're the architects of transformation. Whether you're an athlete striving for that podium finish or a business leader aiming to revolutionise your organisation, BREWYD is your ticket to unlocking your full potential.

BREWYD stands for Break Records Even When You're Down, and they're on a mission to uncover and accelerate sustainable high performance - not just in sports, but in every facet of life. By blending sports science with cutting-edge neuroscience and NLP techniques, they've cracked the code to achieving extraordinary results.

BREWYD isn't just about pushing you to your limits; it's about doing so in a way that's sustainable and holistic. They understand that true high performance isn't just about physical prowess—it's about nurturing your health, strengthening your family bonds, and ultimately, thriving in all areas of life.

So, whether you're looking to transform your organisation's culture, elevate your athletic performance, or simply unleash your inner champion, BREWYD has got your back. And hey, if you're curious to learn more (which you totally should be), why not head over to their website at for a deeper dive? Trust me, you won't regret it.

Training in Tassie and Prepping for the Race:

The week leading up to the race was spent soaking in the stunning sights of Hobart while dialling down the training mileage and cranking up the intensity. Training in Tassie is a game-changer—the scenery alone is enough to inspire greatness. And while the BREWYD team doesn't always get the chance to bring everyone together, they saw this as the perfect opportunity to capture some content while we geared up for the big race.

Race Day Recap:

Race day dawned with promising weather—a rarity for Tassie if you ask me. The swim leg kicked off with a flurry of activity and I found myself jostling for position amidst some fierce competition. Despite a solid effort throughout the race, I ended up finishing 14th—a decent start to the season, but certainly room for improvement as we gear up for the Oceania Standard distance Champs in Taupo, NZ.

Reflecting on the Experience:

Summing up, kicking off the season in Tassie was an absolute blast. Huge shoutout to Warren and the entire BREWYD team for their unwavering support throughout the week. Here's to many more adventures and successes together!

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1 Comment

Loved seeing the Tassie activities Jack - the athletes who make it out from there are usually pretty resilient and adaptive to different environments! Great to see Brewyd and FORM providing meaningful support to your journey 😎. Maintain the rage mate 👿

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